ONIPay: E-Transactions Processed Easily.

ONIPay: E-Transactions Processed Easily

ONIPay has been developed to make easy transactions between you and your customers. ONIPay is the tool that serves both mail and phone orders as well as all kinds of real-time authorizations and transactions.
OniNote, included in the ONIPay transaction message, may be useful for presentation of any commercial offer.

ONIPay is the connecting link between several independent systems.
Currently, ONIPay supports 5 different real-time payment providers, operates in 10 languages and supports 150 currencies. Everything is easily customizable to set each and every transaction the way you want.

ONIPay generates transaction in offline mode. Information about the client and transaction are stored in open database compatible with Microsoft Access. OniNote form initiating the transaction process can be submitted immediately or registered temporarily and stored in ONIPay database. OniNote can also be generated from information stored in other software compatible with ONIPay. The system automatically informs about the client’s acceptance of OniNote.  

ONIPay is a simple easy-to-use solution. After being installed, the program starts Setup Wizard to help with selecting correct configuration and preparing the software to work within a few minutes.

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