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How the ONIPay process works?
Cardia Shop for ShopFactory V5

Are you a shop owner or looking for a new e-Commerce solution?

ONIPay provides you with a simple way of accepting online payments.
We give you a freedom to choose and set each and every transaction the way you want.



3D3.COM Pty. Ltd. , the makers of ShopFactory, has become the first company in the world to
develop a do-it-yourself e-Commerce solution for non programmers. ShopFactory was first released 10 years ago and it has quickly become one of the world's most popular and enduring e-Commerce software solutions.

RG-service was the founder and active member of Norwegian ShopFactory Support and Distribution Group through 2001-2004.

We still have in stock some of ShopFactory-related solutions.
ShopFactory Sales Manager database has become one of the first sources compatible with ONIPay.

Find out more about ShopFactory: Shopfactory.com

We are always looking for new solutions to make your job easy.
We shall happily receive your suggestions or ideas.

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