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ONIPay: E-Transactions Processed Easily
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How the ONIPay process works?

ONIPay: Download a 30 - Day Free Trial

Test drive the world's most flexible payment solution.

Click here to Download ONIPay DEMO 

When downloading your file, store it on your computer in a location you remember. (~ 4,2 MB)
Once you have downloaded the file, double click on the file on your computer to install it.

After being installed, the program starts Setup Wizard to help with selecting correct configuration and preparing the software to work within a few minutes.

Limitations of the DEMO version:

Unregistered demo version allows to have offline access for the period of 30 days. Registration is required for the full access to the system for 15 days.

If you are interested to apply for access to the full version of the system, you need to register and get approved by the ONIPay staff first.
The approved person will get access to the full and unrestricted version of the system for 15 days.
In order to gain access to the above authorization:
Start -> ONIPay DEMO
Click on -> "Help" -> "Request a 15-days free DEMO"

The service will be accessible to the email provided on the registration page only.
Important: ONIPay staff will not consider applications sent by applicants using anonymous emails from domains directly unrelated to the demo user. Such applications will be automatically rejected.

Alternate download sources:

   ONI Payment
Processor     Get it from CNET
Download.com!            Download ONI Payment
Processor from Tucows

Please report any problems on the web site to support@r2000r.com